Shareable Video Campaign for Leading Project Management Trainer


Many technical project managers try to adopt efficient, "agile" project management techniques such as "scrum" team meetings. But they abbreviate, distort, or plain misunderstand the kind of commitment and resources it takes to succeed. This erodes confidence in scrum techniques and can create nightmarishly bad team dynamics. Platinum Edge, a leader in agile and scrum training, needed a video campaign to speak to the many departments struggling with poorly-trained scrum leaders, to alert them that a concrete fix is available.


A comical series of videos that pokes fun at nightmarish scenarios that can happen when bad scrum happens at the office. Based loosely on horror classic The Shining, the short videos ran on social media platforms weekly one October, leading up to Halloween. They garnered many thousands of views and interactions on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, etc., and  linked to a customized landing page on for conversions. The campaign earned an AVA Digital Gold Award and a Bronze Telly.